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Making information understandable

We are a design consultancy based in Richmond; with a specialism in Information Design. Our team is committed to making things easy to understand.

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What We Do

We use diagrams and design methods to transform information. Below are the most common types of diagrams and processes we work on.

Process Charts
Explanatory Diagrams
User Journeys
Illustrated Storyboards
Maps & Locations
Data Visualisation
Interactive Diagrams
Rich Pictures

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Who We Work With and Where

We work with a wide range of organisations, helping them to communicate internally, externally and win work. From bid graphics to user journeys, we love transforming all sorts of complex data.
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Who we are

There are no account handlers at TDL; our designers work directly with our clients to ensure efficient delivery of the best solutions.
Meet the team here, take a closer look at who you could work with next.

  • Oliver Tomlinson
    Creative Director
  • Victoria Tomlinson
    Managing Director
  • Dave Stroud
  • Craig Melvin
  • Tom Howse
  • Becky Wood
  • Are you the next TDL London Team Member?
    We are looking for someone who can organise our growing team of designers and keep our ship steady!

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Our Blog

Welcome to our blog where we share ideas, thoughts and the latest information design gossip! If you have a blog you would like us to feature just get in touch.

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We’re a Social Bunch

The TDL Team is always out and about or sharing creative ideas on our facebook and twitter pages.

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3rd Floor, 3 The Square
Richmond, Surrey

020 8940 8213